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With Extended Fertility, ideal donors get matched with future parents through our comprehensive selection process. By pairing eligible prospective parents with their ideal donor, our services ensure that future children can be born into successful, self-actualizing families. What makes Extended Fertility truly unique is how we respect everyone on both sides of IVF procedures. We provide egg donors with the highest agreed-upon compensation in addition to the option to freeze additional eggs for future use.

Simply put, we are the highest compensating egg donor matching agency in the United States.

Not only do we offer uncapped compensation up to $250,000 or more in some cases, but we also recommend a portion of each cycle’s eggs to be preserved at the donor’s request. To respect the privacy of our donors, personal information is always confidential, and every donation can remain anonymous.

While other fertility agencies cap their donor compensation, we offer the highest payout of any agency in the US. This ensures that the most qualified donors are fully compensated and can confidently share their eggs with the most selective prospective parents. When you work with Extended Fertility, you’re making the first step to reproductive and economic freedom as well as preserving your legacy for the next generation.

Extended Fertility treats every donor and prospective parent like family. That’s why our staff is available to help plan for immediate and long-term goals for both the donors and families we help to build.

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Become a Donor

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Meet Your Ideal Donor

More Dollars for More Donors

It’s an unwritten rule that donors are typically only compensated between $5,000 – $10,000. With extended fertility, our compensation accounts for the higher financial recovery that most qualified donors deserve. Instead of controlling how much compensation donors are eligible for, we match them with thoroughly screened future parents willing to pay the higher appropriate compensation rate for their ideal donor.

We strive to ensure the smoothest experience possible for everyone involved in the IVF process. Factors such as scheduling, undergoing medical procedures, emotional stress, and other intangibles add up to uniquely high costs for donors. Extended Fertility believes that only the individual donor knows what is fair compensation for them, due to these and more factors.

That’s why we’re revolutionizing the compensation structure for donors. By increasing the potential compensation for donors, qualified recipients can make their dreams of successful parenthood a reality. Become a donor with just a few questions!

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At our core, Extended Fertility is a catalyst for developing successful, modern families. We believe that discerning future parents deserve donors who are educated, ambitious, and eager to share their legacy. To ensure the highest quality experience for everyone involved in IVF, we maintain the highest standard for donors and families alike.

As the highest paying egg donor matching agency in the United States, we help families receive the gift of life while providing life changing compensation that qualified donors can’t get anywhere else. This benefits donors and future parents alike by ensuring a bright future for every Extended Fertility family. To find your ideal donor, fill out our future parent form.

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Whether you’re a potential parent or donor, we want to get to know you! Get in touch to discuss your options with one of the top fertility conceierge agencies in the nation. We’re excited to welcome you to the Extended Fertility family!