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Extended Fertility for Donors

Extended Fertility provides economic and reproductive freedom to qualified donors.

Donating with our agency allows families to experience the miracle of life while providing the highest compensation for ideal donors.

The Value of Your Legacy

What’s the value to you?

At most agencies, the typical compensation range is $5,000-$10,000.* However, this rarely gives highly desirable donors the compensation they deserve. 

With Extended Fertility, our compensation is anything but typical. Pending a thorough medical analysis and background check, selected donors are eligible for compensation from $50,000-$250,000 or more!**

Our offers are so high because the most desirable donors deserve to be compensated accordingly for their decisions. Division 1 athletes, valedictorians, and highly talented intelligent women at leading universities are extremely busy and have other commitments, and donating part of their legacy is to some degree a laborious task.

That’s why Extended Fertility is devoted to opening up the world of egg donation to the most desirable donors.

Compensation Details

How much donors can expect to receive in compensation is a deeply personal aspect that varies from person to person. To honor this important decision, we consider the following factors surrounding egg donation with Extended Fertility.

  • The stress of undergoing the donation cycle and the eventual same-day medical procedure
  • Scheduling, Travel, and Time issues
  • Emotional impact and effect of knowing offspring may be present in the world
  • The number of eggs you wish to donate or preserve for yourself
  • and much more

If you are seriously considering becoming a donor, our staff is happy to answer any questions you may have. Contact us to get connected with a member of our team!

**The compensation related to your donation is contingent upon eligibility and matching within Extended Fertility’s selection process. These are not guaranteed figures. Extended Fertility does not guarantee access to our agency’s services or compensation in any way. In fact, again, there are no guarantees.

*The American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) recently settled a class action for price fixing with donor eggs. The case (Kamakahi v. ASRM) revealed that ASRM had established a so-called “soft cap” of $5,000 and a “hard cap”of $10,000. Most IVF clinics continue to follow this now called “guideline”, but the caps are no longer legally enforceable and have slowly increased occasional payments in the $25,000 – $50,000 range The typical range with donors through Reproductive Freedom LLC is $50,000 – $100,000, with rare occasions compensation of above $100,000, and as high as $200,000-$250,000, potentially even more.

Fertility On Your Terms

Reproductive freedom with Extended Fertility can include freezing and storing some of your eggs for use at a later date. This is just one of the many ways Extended Fertility prioritizes the rights and wishes of donors.

If you choose to save a certain amount of your eggs, our agency will arrange storage of them for you free of charge for the first year. This is completely optional, so you may leave all extracted eggs in the donor program for the prospective parents as you wish.

Payment Details

Payments to the egg donor can vary by contract, but we recommend payment in full into an escrow/trust account managed by a licensed and bonded escrow/trust agent. This ensures the Donor will be paid in full before they begin this process. Once the process begins, the donor will usually receive a partial payment advance and subsequent staggered payments during the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Donation Destination

Are you ready to preserve your legacy, help hopeful parents, and get the compensation you deserve? You’ve come to the right place! Fill out our free donor application form to see if you’ll be selected to join the Extended Fertility family.