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How We Work With IVF Clinics

When a match occurs, prospective parents will select their ideal fertility specialist, donor, and IVF clinic. Our agency provides coordinating services to your clinic and medical provider, but Extended Fertility is not involved in any of the IVF clinic procedures. While our staff includes medical professionals with experience and training at one of America’s top IVF clinics, Extended Fertility simply matches prospective parents with their ideal donors.

Traditionally donors are only compensated 5,000 to $10,000 for the stress, inconvenience, time constraints, and other factors surrounding their donation. This makes donations difficult for potential donors who believe their effort and legacy is worth more than traditional standards. To provide qualified donors with the compensation they deserve, our compensation is uncapped. This unparalleled approach is designed to provide hopeful parents with their ideal donor through a comprehensive selection process that pays the donor full value.

Why Extended Fertility?

With our unique matchmaking process, prospective parents can set any legal standard or parameters, such as eye color, complexion, hair color, height range, university, degree track, GPA, and more. Extended Fertility’s donor matchmaking includes more in-depth details to ensure every match meets a recipient’s ideal parameters. Below are some additional parameters our agency uses for matchmaking.








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Fine Arts

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Optional Screening Parameters

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About Our Donation and Matchmaking

Important Cost Considerations.

To start our matching process, the prospective egg donor will set the amount they require in compensation. This means that compensation and related costs with our agency typically far exceed that of typical IVF and fertility companies.

Future parents are required to pay all costs associated with the egg donors’ IVF costs, ancillary and other costs, and expenses related to their treatment. Our fee structure and application cost are explained throughout this website.


Payments to the egg donor may vary by contract but we typically require payment in full with a licensed and bonded escrow/trust agent. This ensures the egg donor is paid in full before they begin this process. Once the process begins, the donor will receive a partial payment advance and subsequent staggered payments during the process.

Minimum Donor Requirements

Our minimum donor requirements are the standard for every donor selected by Extended Fertility. Every donor only accesses our matchmaking service after proving they meet the following requirements:

  • Physically healthy
  • 21 to 27 years of age
  • Non-smoker
  • No addiction history
  • No major genetic disorders. 
  • Ability to forgo certain forms of birth control
  • Complete ovarian health and viability

Both the donor and the recipient must undergo an extensive screening process to ensure maximum protection against genetic anomalies. All tests must be performed by a trusted medical provider for both parties. Extended Fertility is not an IVF clinic and does not perform medical examinations.

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